How to create a Product ID on Google Play?

The In-App Purchases form is used to generate In-App Purchase products. It contains a Product ID field that must be filled. Use this field to specify the product identifier for your product. Follow the steps below to create a product identifier:

Step 1. Log in Google Play Developer Console

Log in to Google Play Developer Console, Google Play takes you to the All Applications page, which contains a list of all your applications.

Step 2. Create New In-App-Purchase

Select the application for which you want to create In-app Products, then click on the In-app Products button in left hand side of the page, then click on the Add new product button to create an In-app Product.

Step 3. Select product type and input product ID

After clicking Add new product button, you will see the following interface. Please select Managed product type and enter the Product ID in that form.
Important: Please be sure to create a new Product ID for each issue. Do not use the same Product ID for two or more issues.

Product ID is a string identifier that can only contain alphanumeric (A-Z,a-z,0-9), underscore (_), and period (.) characters. You can use any sequence of these characters for your identifier. However, we recommend that you use the reverse domain name style (for example, com.companyname.appname.productid) when creating your identifier.

Note: This Product ID should be input in Mag2GO. Please be sure to use the same string identifier on both iTunes Connect and Google Play.

Step 4. Enter Price

Please input Title and Description. Then enter price for your publcatiion.

After you fill out these fields present in that form and click on Save button. Finally click on Inactive button to select Active item to active it.