How to publish a new issue?

The following guide will show you how to publish/add a new issue to the app using Mag2GO.

Step 1. Click on Add

Select the app icon on left, then click Add button on top of the main interface to publish a new issue.

Step 2. Select PDF

You will be brought to a screen that requires you to select a PDF file for the new issue. Please click "Select file" button to open the PDF then click Next button.

Step 3. Enter Information

You will see the following screen. You are able to enter the title, publish date, price and description for this new issue. You can also determine if allow preview before subscribing/buying. After inputing all these information, please just click Publish button to publish it.

You have to create Product ID in iTunes Connect before entering it here. Please be sure to create a new Product ID for each issue. Do not use the same Product ID for two or more issues. Here is the guide to show you how to create Product ID.