How to submit your app to Appstore?

The following guide will show you how to submit your app to the AppStore.

Step 1. Login and add new App

Log into iTunes Connect ( with your Apple ID. Click "Manage Your Applications".

Click "Add New App":

Choose the type of App you are trying to upload. In this case we will be uplaoding a iOS app.

Step 2. Enter app information

You will now arrive at a screen prompting you to enter information about your app. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill the form out. Once you are done hit "Continue"

Next you can select when you want your app made available and the price you want to sell your app at. Select "Continue" when you are ready.

Next you will be brought to the page where you have to provide detail about your App, like version number, copyright, screenshots, contact info, etc. Fill it all in and hit "Continue".

Once your application's metadata is submitted, you will be presented with a summary of your application. Under Versions, you should see the version that you submitted a moment ago. Click the View Details button and click the Ready to Upload Binary button in the top right.
You are then asked one or more questions regarding your application and, if all went well, you should see a message telling you that you are now ready to upload your application binary. The status of your application has changed to Waiting for Upload.

Step 3. Upload Binary

When the status of your application in iTunes Connect is “Waiting for Upload”, you can use Application Loader to submit your binary files to the App Store. You must have the Application Loader installed on your Mac. You can download the Application Loader from iTunes Connect Application Loader.

Open the Application Loader, and login using Apple Account you want to use to upload your Application.

Click on "Deliver Your App"

Select the app you would like to submit from the drop-down menu. Then click Next.

Click Choose, select your application file, and then click Open.

Click Send. Application Loader begins submitting your application binary file to the App Store. Wait for the application loader to upload your file, and for the green check mark to appear (this verifies that your app was received and submitted to Apple), and click Next.

On your iTunes connect account you can see that the status has changed to Waiting for review. This means the app was submitted, and is now awaiting approval from Apple's review team.