How to test your app on iPad/iPhone?

This guide will teach you how to test your app on your iPhone/iPad

Step 1. Create your app

In order to test the app on your iPad/iPhone, firstly you have to register your iOS devices and create a provisioning profile on Apple Developer account . Second you have to select "Create iOD App for testing on your iOS devices" option and input the provisioning profile when building your app.

Then you can click "Build" button on top of Mag2GO to create your app. After creating the app, you will get the following interface. Please remember the directory of iOS app for testing on iOS device.

Step 2. Install app with iTunes

Open iTunes and click "File" > "Add to Library..." menu item to select the app (.ipa file) you just created with Mag2GO.

Now connect your iOS device to your Mac computer. Then follow the screen below to install the app into your device.

1. Select your device from the right top corner.
2. Go to the Apps section.
3. You will see the app you just added into iTunes. Then click "Install" button.
4. Finally, press the sync button located on the right bottom corner and wait until your mobile app is installed. After this, you’ll be able to open the mobile app inside your device and see how it works.

If you cannot install the app on your device, please check the following settings:

1. You must select "Push Notifications" item when creating your App ID.
2. Register your device in Apple Developer Account.
3. Select the device when you create the provisioning profile.
4. The status of the provisioning profile must be Active.
5. Your device has enough space to install the app.